DVISION and helmet standard ECE 22.06

Throughout the development of the DVISION Head-Up Display, we held many discussions with nationally and internationally recognised experts in the helmet sector about the ECE 22.06 helmet standard.

ECE 22.05 and accessories on / in the helmet

In the current ECE 22.05 standard, there is no statement on accessories fitted in the motorbike helmet.

Motorbike helmets with ECE 22.06 standardisation

One of the most important changes is that, in theory, each individual accessory must be approved together with the exact helmet model. This is an enormous effort for a retrofit product. Basically, this also affects all helmet cameras or intercoms. This was and is not the case with ECE R22.05. This means: technically, it would be possible to use DVISION with helmets approved according to ECE 22.06 - but it is not permitted according to this standard.