Tim and Sascha Berger, members of the founding family of digades, recognised their passion for two-wheelers at an early age.

Tim and Sascha Berger, members of the founding family of digades, recognized their passion for two-wheeled vehicles early on.

This is us

Digades - our roots

Digades was founded in 1991 in the midst of Germany's transformation by a handful of radio technology engineers. In the following years, our company developed into a Europe-wide renowned radio technology specialist and automotive supplier. In the economic crisis of 2008, we proved that we can react well and quickly to extreme situations. Since 2011, our now owner-managed business has increasingly turned to the motorbike sector: new projects for well-known motorbike manufacturers are realised, and we develop and produce both commissioned and our own motorbike products.

eCall system, head-up display and a clear mission

digades founder Lutz Berger already loved motorcycling - and still does. His sons Sascha and Tim also discovered their enthusiasm for two-wheelers early on. They are more often spotted on two wheels than on four. With the DGUARD motorcycle emergency call system and the DVISION head-up display, we found our way to combine digades and our love for the most beautiful hobby in the world.

To understand what step would now follow, we asked.... you guys. Who could have answered this question better? Your opinion was clear: digades is a solid business brand, but you didn't really warm up to it. You wanted an independent motorcycle brand that would make the lives of motorcyclists easier, safer and more comfortable. In short: TILSBERK was born.

TILSBERK - present and future

Our passion became TILSBERK. Since 2022, we have been carrying all our motorcycle accessories under this brand. Our goal: motorcyclists should focus on discovering the world. That's what we stand for, that's what our products stand for, that's what TILSBERK stands for.

TILSBERK a brand of digades GmbH