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Frequently asked questions

Do you still have a few questions about the TILSBERK head-up display? Great, here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the head-up display and the wonderful team behind the intelligent tour assistant.

  • Can I pair the TILSBERK head-up display with my headset?

    You have to pair the headset of your motorcycle helmet with your smartphone. The head-up display will then automatically transfer the voice announcements to your headset.

  • Can I repair parts on the TILSBERK head-up display myself?

    You can change the display yourself if it is damaged. You will find all spare parts in the TILSBERK online store In the TILSBERK online store you can also find additional mounting sets and adhesive pads for installation in other helmets.

  • Can I use the TILSBERK head-up display even if I have glasses?

    If you wear glasses, you can use the TILSBERK HUD without any problems.

    Motorradfahrer with helmet, glasses and DVISION
  • Can I use the TILSBERK head-up display if I have a visual impairment?


    The TILSBERK head-up display is not suitable for persons suffering from epilepsy. The indications on the display can trigger epileptic seizures due to light signals.

    The TILSBERK head-up display is not suitable for people with unilateral, uncorrected visual impairment. The display can further impair the limited field of vision and thus prevent you from having a sufficient view of the traffic.

  • Do I need a permanent internet connection for the TILSBERK HUD?

    It is sufficient if you have an internet connection to plan your tour. You can download the appropriate maps so that you can navigate safely even if you don't have reception or a mobile data plan.

  • How do I use the TILSBERK head-up display correctly?

    The TILSBERK head-up display is designed for right-hand traffic and the right eye. Please never use it in front of the left eye.

  • How long does Sugru have to dry before I can use my TILSBERK Head-Up Display?

    Sugru takes between 24 and 48 hours to dry, depending on the ambient temperature and humidity.

  • How long does the battery last?

    The battery in the TILSBERK head-up display lasts for 12 hours of pure driving time. You can therefore also use it on long trips. You can charge the head-up display conveniently like your smartphone via the USB-C interface. (Charging cable is included in the set).

  • How long does the TILSBERK head-up display take to fully charge?

    The complete charging process takes approx. 4 hours if the battery of the DVISION module was completely discharged before.

  • I have more questions, who can I contact?

    Send us an e-mail to dvision [at], use the contact form or call us (+49 3583 5775 775), we are happy to help you :)

  • Is the TILSBERK head-up display safe to use?

    We have conducted several studies in which the TILSBERK head-up display was used. The results show that it has no negative effect on concentration in traffic. On the contrary, it contributes to more concentration: you can always keep your eyes on the road and do not have to constantly look at the display on your motorcycle.

  • Is there a voice output for my headset?

    The TILSBERK head-up display not only shows you the way, you can also transfer voice prompts to your headset. The headset that you have paired with your smartphone is automatically used for this.

  • Something is reflecting in my display. What can I do about it?

    Highly reflective surfaces (e.g. stickers) on the tank surface may be reflected in the display and disturb the visual impression. In this case, try to reduce the reflection of the surface (attach stickers to other places, ...).

  • What are the functions of the TILSBERK head-up display?

    With DVISION you can:
    - Be guided to any destination with the tour function.
    - Keep track of your current speed and current speed limits.
    - Keep track of the time, the street name at your current position and the remaining time to your destination.
    - Keep track of your current driving direction with the compass.
    - Be directly informed about incoming calls.
    - Set which information is displayed to you at any time via the app.

  • What data do you collect? For what?

    If you use the TILSBERK head-up display, no data is transferred to us. For navigation, it is necessary that data is transferred to the map service provider Sygic. If you contact our service team with questions, we collect your address data and information about the problem so that we can help you as best as possible. To enable you to make the best possible use of the website and the TILSBERK online store, we collect further data. You can find more information and details in our privacy policy.

  • What do I need to use TILSBERK HUD?

    You need a motorcycle helmet, a compatible smartphone and the TILBERK head-up display set.

  • What does the TILSBERK HUD cost?

    You can use the TILSBERK HUD after purchase without ongoing costs. The RRP is from 399,- EUR in the TILSBERK online store and at other partners. The set includes everything you need to install your head-up display in the motorcycle helmet. If you need mounting sets for other helmets, you can also find them in the TILSBERK online store. An internet connection for your smartphone is required for use. Please note that this may incur additional costs.

  • What is included in the TILSBERK head-up display package?

    In the TILSBERK head-up display package you will find:

    • TILSBERK head-up display
    • protective bag
    • helmet adapter with tabs + matching adhesive pads
    • helmet adapter narrow + matching adhesive pad
    • Sugru (malleable general purpose glue as an alternative to the adhesive pads)
    • USB-C charging cable
    • Quick Start Guide
  • Where can I buy the TILSBERK head-up display?

    You can buy the TILSBERK head-up display in the TILSBERK online store and also at retailers such as LOUIS, FC Moto and Wunderlich. In the partner stores you can try it on site before you buy it.

  • Where can I get the TILSBERK App? Is it free of charge?
  • Where does the navigation data come from?

    The navigation data is provided by our partner HERE. Route instructions from other providers, e.g. Google Maps, Apple Maps, may differ. Please note that you update downloaded maps.

  • Which countries are covered?

    The TILSBERK head-up display works everywhere in Europe and in other countries worldwide. The only requirement is that your smartphone has an internet connection to plan your tour.

  • Which permissions does the TILSBERK App need? For what are these permissions needed?

    The TILSBERK app will ask you for the following permissions. Please note that these are necessary for trouble-free operation.


    Via Bluetooth the data is transferred between the TILSBERK app and the TILSBERK head-up display. It is also possible to transfer the voice announcements to your Bluetooth headset via Bluetooth.

    Location data

    The current (exact) location is needed for the TILSBERK HUD to show you the way and to determine the current speed.

    Phone status (optional)

    If you enable the phone status, the TILSBERK HUD can show you the contacts that are currently calling you. If you don't give the permission, the display won't show you any information about calls.

  • Which smartphones are compatible?

    DVISION supports modern smartphones that have an active Bluetooth connection. Your smartphone must meet one of these two conditions:

    • Android from version 7.0
    • iOS from version 14.0

    We check these conditions regularly for correct function. Other smartphone operating systems are not supported by DVISION.

  • Will the TILSBERK head-up display fit in my helmet?

    The TILSBERK head-up display is compatible for various motorcycle helmets. Important for the installation is the helmet geometry in the forehead area of the helmet. The set includes helmet adapters for various motorcycle helmets. In our decision support you will find installation instructions for a large number of helmets, e.g. with or without sun visor, with fabric or solid material or with simple or complex helmet geometry.

    We have created a PDF for you to see the real size ratios. Print the following document on A4 paper and follow the instructions in the PDF to see the dimensions of the TILSBERK head-up display and to get an idea of how it is placed in your helmet:

    NOTE: To ensure that the size of your cut-out template really matches the original part, please make sure that your printer does not automatically reduce the print size! If necessary, select the option "Actual size" or "100%" to ensure that the template is actually printed in its original size.