Follow these step-by-step installation instructions for the TILSBERK head-up display (variant D)

Installation variant D: attach narrow helmet adapter with Sugru

For this installation variant you need:

Schmaler DVISION Helmadapter

Narrow helmet adapter



TILSBERK Head-Up Display front

TILSBERK head-up display



Installation variant D is used for helmets with sun visors, which have a complex geometry on the mounting surface.


Sugru hardly needs any processing to develop adhesive properties. The adhesive effect develops through the reaction of the material with the ambient air. After opening the package, you have 30 minutes to work with Sugru. Sugru requires 24 to 48 hours to fully cure and develop its maximum holding power. The exact duration depends on the thickness of the layer and the temperature and humidity of the ambient air.


Sugru is not irritating to the skin. If allergic reactions occur upon skin contact, rinse the skin with warm water. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.


For secure attachment, all adhesive surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dust and grease. Therefore, please clean all smooth surfaces thoroughly with an alcohol-based cleaner such as methylated spirit or rubbing alcohol before mounting. Adhesion is better on surfaces made of fabric - however, these surfaces should also be cleaned.

Step 1: Prepare Sugru

  • Open a pack of Sugru and take out the contents
  • Divide Sugru into two halves
  • Form the first half into a roll about as long as the helmet adapter
  • Divide the other half into two equal parts and shape them into two balls
  • Place the roll on the side of the helmet adapter where the magnets can be seen.
  • Using your fingers, carefully spread the Sugru evenly over the entire surface of the helmet adapter.
  • Place the two shaped balls on the round ends of the helmet adapter and press them gently and evenly flat so that they bond with the already applied layer of Sugru.

Step 2: Glue in helmet adapter

Place the helmet adapter (1) in the forehead area of the helmet between the inner shell and the outer shell (red marking). The mark on the bottom of the helmet adapter (2) should be on an imaginary line between the center of the helmet and the center of your face (dashed line). Make sure that the helmet adapter does not collide with the sun visor. Press the helmet adapter firmly and evenly onto the mounting surface so that the Sugru adheres to the helmet with its full surface area.

Check whether the helmet adapter is correctly attached to the helmet. Attach the head-up display with the magnets to the helmet adapter. The head-up display must be completely attached to the helmet adapter without a visible gap in between.


If the mounting surface is curved and the helmet adapter does not fit correctly against the mounting surface, apply an additional layer of Sugru to compensate for the unevenness.

Step 3: Check positioning

  • Put on the helmet as usual.
  • Attach the head-up display to the helmet adapter with the magnets and fold the display down at a 45° angle.
  • The display should be clearly visible in front of your right eye.
  • Press the control button on the head-up display to switch on the device. A message will appear on the display.
  • Check if you can see all the information on the display without changing the position of the helmet on your head. To do this, look ahead as if you were in traffic:
    • The display should be clearly visible in front of your right eye.
    • The display should be sharp and easy to read.
    • The display should be completely in your field of vision. The frame serves as orientation when switching on the head-up display.
  • If the display is blurred or not well readable, you can slightly change the angle of the display.


You can show the frame for orientation during alignment at any time. Activate the "Alignment Mode" in the TILSBERK App menu "Settings".

The TILSBERK display shows a control screen to check the positioning.

Step 4: Readjust Sugru

If the frame shown on the display is completely or partially outside your field of view, remove the head-up display and the helmet adapter from the helmet and move the helmet adapter slightly in the desired direction. Adjust the position of the helmet adapter until all conditions mentioned in step 3 are met.


Shortly after mounting Sugru does not yet develop its full holding power. The helmet adapter can be easily removed and reattached.
reattach it. If the layer of Sugru deforms when the helmet adapter is detached from the helmet, press it slightly smooth with your fingers before reassembly.

Step 5: if necessary, remodel Sugru

Remove any Sugru that has swollen out from the edges of the helmet adapter. Use a flat object, such as a plastic card or a popsicle stick. Be careful not to change the position of the helmet adapter.

Allow the Sugru layer to cure completely before using. The curing time is 12 to 24 hours, depending on the thickness of the layer of Sugru. A layer of 1.5 mm needs about 12 hours, a layer of 3 mm needs about 24 hours.

Done! You can now put your head-up display on the helmet adapter or take it off within a few seconds. In your TILSBERK app you will be guided through the next steps.