New release of the TILSBERK head-up display App: available now

Just in time for the start of the new motorcycle season we publish a new app release! From now on you can update your TILSBERK head-up display App to the new version.

The new features at a glance:

  • Switch from Here Maps to Sygic Routing: Switching to Sygic Routing gives us access to high-quality maps that provide fast and accurate navigation.
  • Customize timing of navigation: You can now choose when to display navigation arrows: long before the turn, normal, immediately before, or permanently displayed
  • Display route variants: Choose from different route options to optimize your path.
  • Points of interest: our app now allows you to include POIs in your route creation.
  • Via stops: Add even more via stops to your route.
  • Speed units: Switch between mph and km/h
  • Distance units: Customize the distance displayed with kilometers / meters, miles / feet or miles / yards to suit your preferences.
  • Destination memory: You can now access your most recent destinations.
  • Distance display: In the app, the distance you have already traveled is no longer highlighted during navigation.
  • Speed warning: Decide at which speed limit you want to be warned.
  • Landscape mode: use your TILSBERK app in landscape mode.

You can find detailed information here: https://tilsberk.com/blogs/news

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